Mobile Power LLC.

Company Overview:

MobilePower, LLC is a manufacturer of 12 Volt Automotive Power Accessories. We offer an assortment of over 80 products.

Our product categories include Multi-Function Jump Starters, power inverters, rechargeable work lights, flashlights, specialty lights and many other 12 Volt products. Future products include heated ice scrapers, portable emergency power stations and stand-alone air compressors/inflators.

Our products are sold through leading retailers, television shopping channels, online retailers and distributors in the USA, Canada, Europe and Central/South America.


Mission Statement:

MobilePower LLC’s mission is to provide the highest quality products to our customers and exceptional customer support after the sale. To accomplish this we work with an international team of engineers, manufacturers and quality assurance professionals. MobilePower is constantly developing unique new products for home, business and recreational use. We rely on input and feedback from our retail and wholesale partners to assist us in determining the most technically advanced and useful products to offer our customers.

MobilePower will continue to supply products that meet the requirements of consumers including multi-function vehicle jump starters with emergency power inverters and air compressors, stand-alone inverters, dedicated air compressors/inflators and a wide variety of work lights, flashlights and other portable and rechargeable lighting products.

MobilePower places the highest priority on 110% satisfaction of our consumers and the superior support of our retail and wholesale partners.